How to Elevate Your Health Services Administration Salary

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You know that the level of a health services administration salary is definitely high in accordance with other types of occupations and professions out there. However, do you know that there are still methods that one can explore in order to further escalated or increase his level of salary? Yes, there are several ways and these are the same as any kind of jobs that we can figure out there. I am referring to enhancing and boosting your worth as a health worker or practitioner.

As a matter of fact, there are not less than 3 ways in order to make your health services administration salary higher. These are making an investment on education, gaining more experiences as well as acquiring more trainings and certifications.

On the other hand, investing on formal education is one of the most reliable ways in order to increase your health services administration salary as well as self-worth in typical. In this kind of world that we are living in, education is really one of the major considerations of many companies when they are employing some personnel, not only in health care services, but in general as well. As a matter of fact, there is a big difference between the salary of an ordinary health worker who finished college compared to those who took up master in health care servicing and other related formal courses. So, if you really want to boost your worth and health services administration salary as a health worker and specialist, then it is a good idea to start spending your money and investing them by enrolling to a higher degree of education.

On the other hand, the experience is equally important as the first one if you are intending or planning to increase your health services administration salary. Well, in fact, there are even some companies and hospital that prefer hiring health care workers with vast of experiences. This is because the experience of a health worker is considered as a measurement of how long is he or she has been practicing that specific profession. Hence, one is considered as a master in the field if he or she has vast experiences on it even if he has no master degree on that specific specialization. Nevertheless, it must be noted that formal education is more instant than this. What this means is that there are still some companies who prefer those with formal education, most especially for new practitioners. » Read more: How to Elevate Your Health Services Administration Salary

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Is Garlic Good For My Health?

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Garlic is mythically known to ward off vampires, but it can ward off many health problems as well. But to get the most out the health properties from this wonder-food, it is important to know how to prepare it. Garlic has the most effect when it is crushed, chopped or consumed raw. If you are cooking garlic with food, you should not add it to your cooking until the last ten minutes. If you add it at the beginning of your cooking, the garlic will loose its health benefits. Try adding a few cloves to your olive oil and pouring it over your salad, this is a milder way to consume garlic. Now that we know how to prepare garlic, let’s take a look at how it can improve your health.

High Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Cholesterol can be a confusing subject because there are two types: one that is good for you (HDL) and one that is bad for you (LDL). Garlic is thought to prevent LDL from oxidizing and building up in the arteries. It is this build up that can lead to heart disease.

The Mediterranean diet contains a large amount of garlic. It is no coincidence then that people from this area have a significantly lower percentage of their population that suffers from high cholesterol and heart disease. If you want to start taking garlic and you have high cholesterol, make sure that it is taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and if you have further concerns, seek your health care provider’s advice.


Garlic has been proven to have the antibacterial properties equivalent to 1% of penicillin. It can be used to prevent a number of harmful bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella. The problem with most antibacterial medicines is that the bacteria evolves and builds up a resistance to it, but with garlic this is not the case. The common cold can also be prevented with the consumption of two to three cloves of garlic. More and more we are seeing that it is essential to include this super-food into your balanced diet. » Read more: Is Garlic Good For My Health?

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